Come Celebrate With Us!

We invite you to attend our ceremony and reception to celebrate marriage between Donald Newton Smith, Jr. and Crystal Marie Groves. We (the couple) want to surround ourselves with those people who have made our bond stronger through their support, their positivity and love. We hope that you will join us!


The ceremony will be started at 2:00 PM on October 10th, 2015. 


The ceremony will be held at Thor’s Hollow Retreat, found at 2058 Morgan Frederick Grade, Cross Junction, Virginia.


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Our Story


We First Met

Technically we first met on World of Warcraft through Crystal’s ex, but after Crystal’s heinous break-up and several weeks of talking, we flew Donald up to Gettysburg to meet, and shenanigans ensued.

September 25th

Donald’s Move from Texas

In a spontaneous eruption, after only having met once and “dating” for a month, Donald announced to his mom that he was moving to PA. Surprisingly she was 100% supportive and suddenly Crystal flew down to Texas and they started the 24 hour trek back to Pennsylvania. With a brief stop in Nashville to see the Parthenon 🙂

October 28th

The Proposal

September 21st of 2013, a year after they met, Donald plotted with Crystal’s friends to propose during a ritual to Frigga and Frey that she was running. Considering Frigga and Frey (or their A/S equivalents for our Heathen friends) are who we choose to honor the most, it was highly appropriate.

September 21st

The Wedding

We will officially oath together before our Gods and Kin.

October 10th



Our ceremony and reception will be at Thor’s Hollow Retreat located in the beautiful mountains of Virginia. We have rented out the campground from Wednesday through Sunday, so all are welcome to camp and stay extra nights at no charge.  There are camper hook-ups and tent campsites available.  There are also flushing toilets, private showers, a kitchen, and a children’s play area.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, there are hotels available in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia about 10 miles north, and Winchester, Virginia about 17 miles south on Route 522.  There is also the Cacapon Resort State Park about 10 minutes away with cabins and cottages available.  If staying in an alternative location, please book as soon as possible to ensure you get available rooms.  It is the off season so we don’t suspect there will be an issue.

  • Thor’s Hollow Retreat, 2058 Morgan Frederick Grade, Cross Junction, Virginia 22625
  • (540) 888 – 3461


Choose gifts

We are registered at the following places. Click the button for each venue to consider your optional gift.


Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 11.32.19 PMWe decided to use Amazon’s universal wishlist feature to compile a registry from all stores.  It is not required to purchase a gift, but if you would like to do so, here are some items to choose from.

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SmartyPig Honeymoon Fund

pigSince we really want to honeymoon in Norway some day, but cannot financially afford to just yet, we have opened up a SmartyPig account for anyone that wishes to donate to this fund.  This is a type of savings account that lets friends and families also donate to financial goals.

Visit fund


RSVP right here

Thank you for considering our invitation to attend our ceremony.  Please fill out this form whether you are attending or not.  Do not feel obligated to attend!  Also let us know if you need any special accommodations, whether you will be staying overnight, and/or whether you will be staying at another location nearby.

Please only RSVP if you were sent an invite by us directly. Family members may be sharing this website around, but we simply cannot accommodate everyone and are keeping our guest list down.

Thank you all for attending our wedding!

Things to Know

Here are some details we feel you may find important for the wedding.


There is no formal dresscode.  You are welcome to dress up or dress down.  We suggest preparing for both hot and cool weather.  This time of year is unpredictable, especially in the mountains of Virginia.


This will be a pagan ceremony honoring Northern European traditions.  If this makes you uncomfortable enough to not attend, we understand.  We ask that all who will be attending respect our spiritual paths as we reciprocate in return.  You will not be asked to do anything you are uncomfortable doing during the ceremony.  You may learn that this is just another ceremony like all ceremonies 🙂

Entertainment & Reception:

The Reception will be around 3 or 4pm with recorded music & bellydancing during the reception, and then a bonfire and live music afterwards by the Jug Funk Boys since some of us will be staying all night.

Food will be Pot-Luck:

We have decided to forgo formal catering to save funds and instead make this a pot-luck. Please make sure your dish feeds 6-10 people. There will be a kitchen for some pre-prep and washing.  Please add your dish to the potluck menu so we can coordinate a good variety of dishes.

How can you help?

We need:

  • Someone to drive our dad to and from the ceremony
  • Someone to coordinate pot-luck dishes to ensure we have a variety of good foods.  This person will also make sure the guests label their dishes for any food allergies
  • Someone to man our music and do announcements during the reception
  • Volunteers who want to stay the night Friday to come Friday and help set up



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